Barburrito is a popular Mexican restaurant chain in the UK, serving up burritos, tacos, nachos and more Tex-Mex cuisine since 2005. With a reputation for offering great quality fast food, Barburrito has certainly raised the bar for Mexican restaurants.

But as a Muslim looking for halal restaurants, you might be wondering: Is Barburrito halal? Do they have halal certification or halal meat? What’s on their menu that’s actually halal?

We’ve built our reputation on offering great quality tex-mex food without compromise since we opened the first Barburrito in 2005. But is Barburrito halal? Let’s dive in and find out!

Defining “Halal” Food

For a restaurant to be truly halal certified, it must meet strict Islamic dietary regulations for sourcing, slaughtering, storing and serving food. Halal food cannot include:

Certifying bodies like the Halal Food Authority check that:

  • All meat is slaughtered according to zabihah guidelines
  • No alcohol or non-halal ingredients are used
  • Food preparation prevents cross-contamination

This level of halal compliance allows Muslims to enjoy the meals without hesitation.

Does Barburrito Have Halal Certification?

As of February 2023, Barburrito locations are not halal certified. Halal menu options have not been officially verified by a halal authority.

However, many menu items do happen to be made with naturally halal ingredients.

Barburrito has indicated that they source all chickens from halal poultry suppliers. All beef products are made using only 100% halal beef.

While this means many of their ingredients are halal, cross-contamination risks still exist. Without full halal restaurant certification, Muslims should use their own judgment.

Exploring the Barburrito Menu for Halal Options

Barburrito’s menu features a diverse array of Mexican-inspired dishes, including burritos, tacos, wraps, nachos and more. Let’s break down what’s potentially halal on their menu:

Burritos and Wraps

  • Chicken burritos – Includes halal chicken
  • Steak burritos – Uses certified halal beef
  • Veggie burritos – Vegetable-only, but risk of contamination


  • Chicken tacos – Halal poultry chicken
  • Steak tacos – Uses verified halal beef
  • Fish tacos – No certification of halal seafood

Salads and Bowls

  • Chicken salad/bowl – Includes confirmed halal chicken
  • Steak salad/bowl – Uses halal beef


  • Chips – Vegetarian, but risk of contamination with non-halal oil
  • Guacamole – Uses vegetarian ingredients
  • Salsa – Vegetarian ingredients

While many menu items use halal meat and chicken, the risk of cross-contamination still exists without 100% halal restaurant certification.

Customizing Your Order for Halal

To truly play it safe as a Muslim restaurant goer, consider customizing your order:

  • Request grilled chicken or steak instead of other meat
  • Ask for food to be prepared separately to prevent contamination
  • Swap out ingredients like cheese, sour cream for halal options
  • Specify using new containers, utensils and gloves
  • Avoid fish/seafood dishes without halal certification

This attention to customization, even with halal ingredients, prevents unwanted mixing with haram items.

Top Halal Mexican Alternatives

While many menu items at Barburrito may suit a halal diet, no location bears official halal certification. For guaranteed zabihah options, consider these fully-certified halal Mexican and Tex Mex restaurants in the UK:

  • Taquero – With halal meat sourcing and preparation certified by HFA
  • Lupita – Registered with the Halal Monitoring Committee and Zabihah
  • Habaneros – Bearing certification from Islamic Society of Britain

These restaurants go through regular audits to ensure 100% halal standards for Muslim diners wanting Mexican cuisine. From tacos to enchiladas to fajitas, their menus offer all the Tex-Mex favorites totally free of cross-contamination.

The Verdict: Is Barburrito Halal?

While many Barburrito ingredients may qualify as halal, including halal chicken and beef, their kitchen processes aren’t guaranteed or audited. Without full halal restaurant certification, observant Muslims should take precautions around contamination. Or opt for verified halal Mexican food alternatives.

Still, with customization, Barburrito can be an option to satisfy that Tex-Mex craving as a Muslim in Canada. Certain menu items like grilled chicken burritos, steak tacos and more can likely be tailored to meet halal standards. Just be sure to request modifications and use your best judgment.

Have you eaten at Barburrito? Leave your own review of how they handle halal dietary needs!

Frequently Asked Questions: Is Barburrito Halal?

Barburrito ensures their chicken is halal.

Where is the first Barburrito in Toronto located?

The first Barburrito in Toronto is located at Avenue Road.

Are there vegetarian options at Barburrito?

Yes, Barburrito offers vegetarian options in their menu.

Is the chicken at Barburrito grilled?

Yes, Barburrito serves grilled chicken and steak options.

Does Barburrito have a wide variety of menu items?

Yes, Barburrito offers a wide variety of options including beef, chicken, and vegetarian choices.

Is Barburrito registered with Zabihah?

Yes, Barburrito is registered with Zabihah to ensure halal standards are met.

How can I leave a review for Barburrito?

You can leave a review for Barburrito using the form on their website or on social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook.