Editorial Standards for Sahabah.com

Sahabah.com stands tall as a trusted hub for genuine Islamic teachings and knowledge in the sprawling digital landscape. Guided by the pillars of the Quran, Hadith, and the insights of esteemed Islamic scholars and academics, we’ve crafted rigorous editorial standards:

1. Rooted in Authenticity

All content on Sahabah.com is anchored in authentic Islamic tenets. Plagiarism is a strict no-no. Whenever an external source influences content, be it a Quranic verse or a Hadith, proper citation is a must.

2. Clarity in Conveyance

Islamic teachings, with their rich depth, demand a clear representation. Our mission is to render these teachings lucid and graspable, removing any shades of doubt. We lean on simple language, illuminated with apt instances when needed.

3. Reverential Tone

Respecting the sanctity of our content, our tone remains respectful, reverential, and infused with humility. While our primary aim is to educate, we also endeavor to inspire introspection and a deeper bond with the Divine.

4. Rigorous Fact-Checking

The holy sources we refer to leave no room for errors. Be it a Hadith, a Quranic injunction, or a scholarly viewpoint, we cross-reference with authoritative Islamic repositories to vouch for accuracy.

5. Citing Credible Authorities

Only the opinions and findings of recognized and well-regarded figures in the Islamic realm find their way here. Every scholarly or academic reference is meticulously vetted.

6. Meticulous Proofreading

Our proofreading isn’t limited to just grammar or syntax. We painstakingly ensure the content remains aligned with core Islamic teachings, devoid of misinterpretations or misrepresentations.

7. Consistency in Presentation

A cohesive reading experience is a promise. While our content is diverse, a uniform style guide is adhered to – be it in citing verses, referencing Hadiths, or laying out scholarly interpretations.

8. User Experience & Respect

Complementing our content with pertinent images, we’re always conscious of Islamic imagery guidelines. Every multimedia piece harmonizes with Islamic ethos, and we ensure a swift, seamless digital experience.

9. Valuing Feedback

Every reader’s insight, every scholar’s critique is invaluable to us. We perceive feedback as a pathway to refine our content, keeping it in step with our overarching mission.

10. Regular Revisions

As scholars delve deeper, the expansive domain of Islamic knowledge witnesses ever-evolving interpretations. Our commitment is to stay updated, ensuring our content mirrors the most current scholarly consensus and insights.


Through an unwavering allegiance to authenticity and lucidity, Sahabah.com aspires to be the lighthouse for seekers of pristine Islamic knowledge on the web. These editorial standards are our pledge to offer content that doesn’t merely inform but uplifts.