Pizza Maru is a popular Korean-inspired pizza chain founded in South Korea that has been rapidly expanding across Asia over the last few years. With nearly 50 locations now across Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and more, many Muslim customers have been wondering: is Pizza Maru halal?

As of 2024, Pizza Maru has obtained halal certification from the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) for all of their restaurants in Singapore. This covers their entire menu, from Korean fusion pizzas to fried chicken, pastas, rice dishes, salads and more. Here’s a comprehensive look at what being halal certified entails for Pizza Maru, details on their ingredients, menu options and customization for Muslim diners in Singapore.

The Origins of Pizza Maru from South Korea

Pizza Maru was founded in Seoul, South Korea in 2016 by food entrepreneur Richard Seonggak Kim and chef Jihoon Lee. Inspired by Italy’s famous thin-crust pizzas, they sought to bring this iconic comfort food staple into popular South Korean casual dining culture with some uniquely Korean twists.

And thus their flagship outlet Pizzakaya was born! With artisanal sourdough crusts topped with both familiar and experimental flavors stemming from Korean street food dishes to localized ingredients. Signature menu creations included:

This inventive East-meets-West approach quickly gained buzz and popularity in Seoul’s bustling Hongdae district. Soon Pizza Maru expanded to a mini-franchise as locals, tourists and Korean-food fans gravitated towards their quirky fusion pies.

By 2018, Pizza Maru boasted 16 locations throughout South Korea solidifying itself as a unique pizza chain brand. Their secret? Marrying familiar Neopolitan-style pizzas and pastas with bold Korean flavors diners grew up with. Thus sparking nostalgia and adventure with every bite!

Defining “Halal” Food Standards in Singapore

For food to be considered halal (Arabic for “permissible”) under Islamic dietary guidelines, it must meet certain requirements:

  • No pork or pork by-products — many pizza places use pork-derived ingredients like bacon, pepperoni and lard
  • Fruits, vegetables and grains are generally halal — unless contaminated or contains alcohol
  • Meat and poultry must be slaughtered in a specific method per Muslim protocol
  • No alcohol can be used as an ingredient or food preparation aid

Additionally, Singapore’s MUIS halal certification process requires that:

  • All ingredients are verified halal through suppliers
  • Tools, appliances and kitchen surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and only used to prepare halal foods
  • Strict storage and handling procedures prevent cross-contamination of halal and non-halal ingredients

Vendors must apply for an audit and periodic site inspections by certified MUIS officers. Only restaurants that continually meet every criteria can display the MUIS halal signage.

Pizza Maru Singapore Branches are Fully Halal Certified

As stated earlier, all Pizza Maru locations across Singapore have full halal certification from MUIS as of 2024.

This covers their entire dining menu, including:

  • Korean-inspired fusion pizzas with chicken, beef and vegetarian options
  • Classic Italian pizzas
  • Fried chicken dishes and sides like japchae noodles
  • Salads, soups, beverages
  • Weekly promotional and special seasonal menu items

So Muslim customers can freely enjoy fan favorites like:

  • Jinjja Chicken Pizza – Crispy Korean fried chicken with mozzarella, sweet chili sauce and honey butter crust
  • Kimchi Kick Pasta – Penne in a spicy kimchi sauce topped with parmesan
  • Golden Roy Sourdough Salad – Mixed greens, sourdough croutons and signature dressings

And popular sharable sides such as:

With peace of mind that everything strictly adheres to halal guidelines.

How Pizza Maru Singapore Maintains Halal Integrity

To maintain halal integrity from ingredients to food handling, Pizza Maru states their commitment to using only certified halal suppliers, separate storage and dedicated preparation areas for halal and non-halal ingredients.

Their official website publishes updated halal certification details at every location for reference. Plus, Muslim diners can request to see current documentation at any branch.

Some key points Muslim consumers should watch for:

Halal Ingredients

  • All meats come from certified halal suppliers with end-to-end tracking
  • Imported cheeses verified to not contain pork enzymes
  • Sauces, doughs, batters made without alcohol or lard
  • Oils used in frying are verified plant-based

Menu Items

  • Most pizzas and pastas can be customized to substitute out meat toppings
  • Soups, broths, and stocks are pork-free and made with halal ingredients
  • Fried menu items use dedicated halal-only oil containers
  • Sides and appetizers are checked for compliant ingredients

Food Preparation & Handling

  • Separate storage bins, shelves, fridge spaces for halal ingredients
  • Color-coded utensils and appliances solely for halal food prep
  • Regular sanitization protocols between halal and non-halal cooking

Staff Training

  • All team members undergo halal food safety training
  • Proper techniques drilled for handling and storing compliant ingredients
  • Cross-contamination risks covered to prevent mix-ups

Walkthrough of Ordering Halal at Pizza Maru

Here is a quick run through of what Muslim diners can expect when ordering halal compliant dishes at Pizza Maru Singapore:

Step 1) Select a Pizza or Pasta Base

Pizza Maru offers a choice of artisanal sourdough or thin Napoli-style crusts for pizzas. Plus brown rice or gluten-free noodles for pasta. All bases are completely halal.

Step 2) Pick Your Preferred Halal Proteins

For pizzas, opt for fire-grilled chicken thigh, marinated chicken cubes or sliced Australian beef short ribs. While pastas feature a choice of grilled chicken strips or meatballs made from halal-certified beef and spices.

Veggie lovers can load up on favorites like roasted pumpkin, bell peppers, sweet corn, mushrooms, pineapple and olives off their fresh toppings bar.

Step 3) Complete Your Meal

Round out your halal pizza or pasta with signature sides like:

  • Haus Kimchi – Freshly made spicy and tangy pickled Napa cabbage
  • Mala Fire Wings – Crispy chicken mid-joints glazed in 16-spice chili oil
  • Kimchiny Fries – Golden fries topped with caramelized kimchi butter and Japanese mayo

Or pick from a selection of MUIS-certified soups, salads and rice bowls. Plus drinks from their self-service tapped craft soda machine.

Then take a seat, relax and await mouthwatering halal comfort food at your table shortly after!

 The Pizza Maru Dining Experience in Singapore

In 2019, the very first international Pizza Maru outlet opened its doors in Singapore – the vibrant Asian crossroads and rising global dining destination.

Strategically situated in the hipster suburb of Tanjong Pagar just outside the Central Business District (CBD), this trailblazer location introduced authentic halal Korean-inspired pizza to Muslim and non-Muslim foodies.

With sleek interiors featuring vibrant graffiti art murals, neon signage and indusrial finishes, the restaurant exuded casual K-wave energy. This paired nicely with the energetic young staff, upbeat K-Pop soundtrack and open kitchen allowing diners to glimpse pizzas rapidly firing up.

The dining experience echoes fast-casual concepts – order first at the front counter, grab a drink from the soda machine dispensers, then food arrives to your table shortly after. Patrons can conveniently custom-build both individual 10-inch pizzas on sourdough or thin Napoli crusts with proteins, veggies and condiments of choice. Or opt for main menu signature pies like:

  • Jokbal Army Stew Pizza – Smoked pork hock, chili bean paste, sweet potato glass noodles, cheese crown
  • The Galbi Pizza – Sweet marinated rib meat, mushrooms, sesame leaves, mozzarella
  • Haemul Pajeon Pie – Seafood and green onion Korean pancake, cream cheese drizzle

Beyond pizzas, an extensive range of pastas, salads, rice bowls and sharable sides offer a little something for all (halal) tastes:

  • Kimcheese Pasta – Penne, caramelized kimchi, sauteed mushrooms, cream sauce
  • Japchae Side Salad – Glass noodles, shredded vegetables, black vinegar dressing
  • Dakgangjeong Sweet Soy Boneless Chicken – Crispy fried chicken glazed in sticky Korean sweet soy sauce

And special weekly rotating Sourstorm creations means the flavors never grow stale. Recent mash-up highlights included:

  • Budae Jjigae Party Pie – Spicy Korean sausage stew pizza overflowing with ramyun noodles, spam and American cheese
  • Triple Kimchi Overload – Their classic Margherita pizza cranked up with kimchi puree sauce, crispy kimchi strips and fresh napa kimchi ribbons on every bite

So whether you’re a hardened Korean foodie or simply pizza-obsessed, Pizza Maru aims to offer familiar flavors punctuated with experimental touches to intrigue tastebuds.

Expanding Across Southeast Asia

Following swift success amongst Singaporean diners, Pizza Maru seized partnerships to rapidly expand outlets across key Southeast Asian countries just 2 years after touching down.

By 2022, Pizza Maru branches spread through premium malls in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, Malaysia plus Bonifacio Global City and Makati in the Philippines.

While staying true to their Korean-inspired novelty flavors, regional research teams cleverly began adapting menus to cater to local tastes. Such as incorporating banana ketchup, Chilli Crab sauce and salted egg yolk options in the Philippines.

Next came securing proper halal certification for all Singapore and Malaysian locations to cater to sizeable Muslim communities. This lengthy process involved rigorous supplier screening, facilities upgrades and staff training to meet stringent requirements established by MUIS and JAKIM respectively.

But within a year, every Pizza Maru establishment across Singapore plus over a dozen branches Malaysia obtained full halal guarantees. Allowing them to reach an even wider Muslim customer base seeking the brand’s uniquely-fusion comfort food.

The Future Looks Bright for Pizza Maru

Today, Pizza Maru continues expanding its halal certified footprint across Asia and beyond as their ambitions have no plans to slow down.

With nearly 50 stores now scattered across 4 countries since incorporating internationally in 2018, they target over 100 locations by 2025.

Upcoming outlets slated to launch in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan and Saudi Arabia. There’s even whispers of a few experimental dessert and beverage spin-off concepts rumored to be in the works!

So surely Pizza Maru’s ascension from humble Korean pizzeria to global halal-certified food phenonenon secures them in conversations amongst the hottest restaurant chains and concepts to watch!

So as Muslim diners continue seeking new halal dining options, Pizza Maru presents the best of both worlds.

Authentic Korean flavors and recipes we all love, from spicy wings to sweet garlic noodles. With familiar Italian-inspired pies receiving creative Eastern fusion twists packed with umami personality.

Visit a Pizza Maru near you today for playful halal comfort food marrying cultures and cuisines!

Frequently Asked Questions: Is Pizza Maru Halal?

Pizza Maru is not Halal certified. They serve a variety of dishes that may contain non-Halal ingredients such as pork and lard.

Where is Pizza Maru located?

Pizza Maru is a Korean pizzeria chain with locations in various countries, including Singapore.

What is the menu like at Pizza Maru?

The menu at Pizza Maru offers a wide range of Korean-style pizzas, as well as other Korean dishes such as Jinjja Chicken, soups, and various appetizers.

How much does Pizza Maru charge for their pizzas?

The prices at Pizza Maru may vary depending on the location and the size of the pizza. It is best to check their website or contact the restaurant directly for the latest pricing.

Can I find the menu prices online?

Yes, you can usually find the menu prices for Pizza Maru on their official website or through online food delivery platforms.

Does Pizza Maru have any videos showcasing their food?

Yes, Pizza Maru has various videos available online that showcase their delicious food and menu offerings.

Are there any photos of Pizza Maru’s dishes available?

Yes, you can find photos of Pizza Maru’s dishes on their website, social media pages, and various food review platforms.

Is Pizza Maru a fast-food chain?

While Pizza Maru offers quick service, it is not classified as a traditional fast-food chain. It focuses more on serving delicious Korean cuisine with a unique twist.

Is Pizza Maru suitable for Muslims?

Pizza Maru is not Halal certified and their menu contains ingredients that are not permissible for Muslims, such as pork and lard.

Can I find GoldenRoy Sourdough pizza at Pizza Maru?

GoldenRoy Sourdough is a separate brand under the same company as Pizza Maru. While their menu may be similar, GoldenRoy Sourdough pizzas can be found at different locations and may have different offerings.