about us

Sahabah.com is a website dedicated to promoting education and understanding about the Sahabah (companions) of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The Sahabah were the early Muslims who learned directly from and supported the Prophet during the 7th century CE.

The site was first established in 2004 and has evolved through many iterations, with the latest upgrade of our entire platform in 2023.

Our goal is to provide authentic information about the lives and legacy of these important historical figures. We believe studying the Sahabah can offer many valuable lessons for Muslims today. Their dedication, sacrifice, and commitment to living according to Islamic principles serve as an inspiration.

We take great care to ensure we only publish verified content supported by Quranic and hadith sources. We link to reputable scholarly works so users can delve deeper.

Sahabah.com is maintained by a group of Muslims looking to make authentic knowledge about Islamic teaching more accessible online. Our small but dedicated team remains committed to providing opinions from Islamic scholars and academics for any of our views.

We are continuously expanding our content and aim to be the most comprehensive English resource on the web for information on Islam and the teachings of the Sahabah. We hope this website can benefit students, educators, and anyone seeking to learn about these topics, starting with the basics of halal and haram.

We have grand ambitions and aim to build:

  • Biographies of over 100 prominent Sahabah, both men and women
  • Quotes and hadith narrated by the Sahabah
  • Stories and anecdotes from their lives
  • Explanations of their significance and contributions to Islam
  • Multimedia resources like videos and podcasts

Please explore the site and contact us with any feedback or ideas for improvement. Thank you!