With over 40,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries, Subway is one of the largest and most ubiquitous sandwich chains worldwide. Many Muslims who observe halal dietary restrictions wonder if Subway meals are permissible to eat under Islamic law.

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about Subway’s halal status. We’ll look at whether ingredients like meats, breads, sauces, and vegetarian offerings are halal, and provide tips for customizing a halal Subway order.

Understanding Halal Food Guidelines

Before examining Subway’s ingredients, let’s review what makes food halal or haram under Islamic law.

Halal is an Arabic term meaning “permissible” or “lawful”. For foods or drinks to be considered halal, they must meet the following criteria:

  • Cannot contain any pork or pork byproducts
  • Must not contain alcohol or intoxicating substances
  • Meat and poultry must come from halal slaughtered sources
  • Prepared, processed, and stored using halal methods

Conversely, haram foods are those deemed “unlawful”. This includes pork, alcohol, improperly slaughtered meat, and any dishes contaminated with haram ingredients.

When dining out, halal certification ensures restaurants adhere to Islamic dietary guidelines. Certification agencies vet ingredients suppliers, processing methods, and kitchen protocols.

For devout Muslims, following a halal diet is an important part of observing their faith. Whether Subway’s menu is halal or contains haram elements is a common question.

Does Subway Have Halal Certification?

Subway restaurants do not have halal certification in most countries, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. With over 21,000 locations in North America alone, universal halal certification is not practical.

However, in countries with predominantly Muslim populations, many Subway locations pursue halal certification on a market-by-market basis. For example:

  • All Subway restaurants in Singapore and Malaysia are certified halal.

  • In the Middle East region, including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Oman, and Bahrain, the majority of Subways are halal certified.

  • Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and many parts of North Africa also have certified halal Subway locations.

So while certification is not consistent worldwide, Subway does accommodate halal diners in Muslim-majority markets. Menus may vary compared to non-certified restaurants.

But what about Muslims dining at Subway in Western nations? Let’s break down common menu items and their halal status.

Subway Meats – Are They Halal Or Haram?

Subway offers several protein choices for sandwich fillings and toppings:

Chicken and Turkey

Subway’s roasted chicken breast strips and sliced turkey appear to meet halal standards. They are not pork-based meats. However, Muslims should check with local restaurants on the source of the meat and if contamination with haram ingredients could occur.

Roast Beef and Steak

The roast beef and steak meats are also halal-friendly options, as they are from cows raised and slaughtered according to Islamic guidelines. Again, verifying with local stores is recommended.

Ham and Bacon

Obviously, ham, bacon, and pork products are strictly haram. Muslims should avoid these pork-based meats on Subway’s menu.


The ingredient list for Subway’s meatballs raises some doubts. Beef and spices are halal, but milk powder and non-certified beef could be issues for some Muslims. Best to avoid these menu items out of caution.

Tips for Ordering Halal Meat:

  • Ask about sourcing – are meats certified halal? Separated from pork?

  • Request fresh gloves to prevent cross-contamination

  • Stick to chicken, turkey, or steak to be safest

  • Avoid ham, bacon and meatball options

Are Subway Breads and Wraps Halal?

Subway offers a variety of bread choices including Italian, 9-grain wheat, honey oat, herbs and cheese, flatbread, and wraps. Pita and ciabatta rolls are also menu options.

Upon careful inspection, Subway’s breads do not contain any haram ingredients. They are halal for Muslims to eat. Here are some of the key details:

The same applies to Subway’s line of wraps. Their tortilla and flatbread wraps contain no haram ingredients, so they are halal-friendly options.

What About Subway Sauces and Dressings?

Subway has dozens of cold and heated sauces ranging from sweet onion and ranch to chipotle and buffalo flavors. Which of these condiments are halal?

Many Subway sauces are halal compliant, including:

  • Yellow mustard
  • Sweet onion
  • Hot chili
  • Ketchup
  • Ranch
  • Oil and vinegar
  • Guacamole
  • Salsa
  • Barbecue sauce
  • Buffalo and chipotle sauces
  • Honey mustard

However, a few sauces are made with haram ingredients:

  • Creamy Caesar dressing containsWorcestershire sauce (anchovies)
  • Honey mustard sauce has some vinegar derived from grain alcohol
  • Tartar sauce contains white wine vinegar and non-halal sourcing

Tips for Halal Sauces:

  • Avoid alcohol in vinegar-based sauces
  • Avoid Caesar, honey mustard, tartar sauce
  • Opt for oil & vinegar, yellow mustard, sweet onion

Can Muslims Eat Vegetarian Subs?

For Muslims who want to avoid any grey areas, Subway’s vegetarian subs are great halal options. Choices like:

  • Veggie Delite
  • Vegetarian
  • Veggie Max

These sandwiches contain no meat, only vegetables, cheese, and halal bread. Since there are no haram ingredients, vegetarian subs are completely permissible based on halal guidelines.

Some Tips for Vegetarians Seeking Halal:

  • Hold the cheese if avoiding non-halal rennet
  • Ask about alcohol in baked chips or cookie ingredients
  • Choose halal-friendly sauces like mustard or sweet onion
  • Build a custom veggie sandwich and customize sauces

How to Order a Halal Compliant Subway Meal

Here are some useful tips for ensuring your Subway order meets halal standards:

  • Avoid ham/bacon options. Stick to chicken, turkey, roast beef, or vegetarian.

  • Ask about halal sourcing of meats. Request fresh gloves to prevent contamination.

  • Carefully select sauces. Avoid Caesar dressing, tartar, and some honey mustards.

  • Check labels on chips, drinks, cookies. Alcohol could be present in some regions.

  • Opt for vegetarian subs if unsure or wanting to be extra cautious. Build your own veggie sandwich.

  • Consider seafood options. Seafood and tuna subs are halal, just ensure no alcohol is used in recipes.

  • Ask lots of questions! Don’t be shy to ask Subway staff about preparation and menu specifics.

Following these guidelines allows Muslims a lot of leeway to enjoy Subway, with some smart customizing. While certification makes things easier, you can still follow halal principles in most restaurants with some adjustments.

Does Subway Offer Halal Meat in Muslim Countries?

In many Muslim-majority countries, Subway restaurants do serve certified halal meats to conform to local regulations and customs. This includes nations like:

  • Malaysia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • UAE
  • Indonesia
  • Singapore
  • Pakistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Parts of North Africa

Subway’s suppliers in these regions provide meat like chicken, beef, and turkey that is slaughtered in a halal manner. Menus are customized to ensure no pork products are brought into kitchens.

So Muslims traveling or living in the Islamic world can confidently eat Subway meats that are verified halal. But again, due diligence is required when dining in Western nations.

Will Subway Add More Halal Options in the Future?

Subway has expressed interest in expanding halal certified offerings in more markets based on demand. But the company says it has no specific global timeline or plans to roll out halal meat system-wide.

The most likely scenario is that Subway continues pursuing halal certification on a localized basis in Muslim countries. Broad certification in places like North America and Europe seems unlikely in the short term.

However, Subway is confident that current menu offerings allow Muslim patrons significant choices when customizing orders. They aim to deliver food that meets halal principles, even without certification.


Given the analysis above, here is a summary of Subway’s halal status:

  • Subway does not have universal halal certification for all restaurants worldwide.

  • But many locations in Muslim countries are halal certified based on local laws.

  • Common menu items like bread, vegetables, sauces appear to meet halal guidelines.

  • Meats may be halal depending on sourcing, best to verify.

  • Customizing your order and avoiding pork allows you to eat halal.

So is Subway halal? With some precautions and customization, Muslims can eat at Subway while adhering to Islamic dietary principles in most cases.

While not all foods are guaranteed halal, you can build sandwiches from menu options that appear compliant based on ingredients. Do your homework, ask questions, and use common sense.

With the proper knowledge, Subway can be a quick, convenient halal meal option for Muslims who understand how to navigate the menu in keeping with their faith.

Is Subway Halal – FAQS

Yes, Subway is Halal.

Does Subway offer Halal options?

Yes, Subway offers Halal options. They have a specific Halal menu available.

Are Subway stores Halal certified?

Yes, some Subway stores are Halal certified. They ensure that their food and ingredients meet the Halal standards.

Can Muslims eat at Subway?

Yes, Muslims can eat at Subway. Subway serves Halal meat and has options that adhere to the Islamic dietary guidelines.

What is Subway’s Halal status?

Subway is considered Halal as they serve Halal meat products and have a Halal menu.

Are Subway stores in the UK Halal?

Yes, some Subway stores in the UK are Halal. They offer Halal meat options and have Halal menu items.

Does Subway serve Halal meat?

Yes, Subway serves Halal meat in selected stores. You can find the Halal options on their menu.

Does Subway have Halal certification?

Yes, some Subway stores have Halal certification to ensure compliance with Halal standards.

Are all Subway branches Halal?

No, not all Subway branches are Halal. Only specific branches that are Halal certified serve Halal food.

Are all menu items at Subway considered Halal?

No, not all menu items at Subway are considered Halal. It is important to look for the Halal logo or ask the staff for Halal options.