Vapiano’s is a rapidly growing Italian restaurant chain that started in Germany and now has over 200 locations across the world, including many popular spots throughout the UK and Ireland.

With its unique fresh, customizable Italian food concept, Vapiano’s has become a go-to dining spot for many Muslim consumers. However, the big question remains – is Vapiano’s halal?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll answer in detail:

  • What “halal” means in Islam and how food gets certified
  • Which specific Vapiano’s locations are halal certified
  • What ingredients Vapiano’s uses and halal menu options
  • The process Vapiano’s undergoes for halal certification
  • What the dining experience is like for Muslim patrons
  • Frequently asked questions on Vapiano’s being halal

By the end of this guide, you’ll understand exactly which Vapiano’s restaurants are certified halal, what you can safely order there as a Muslim, and how Vapiano’s accommodates Islamic dietary needs.

So whether you’re a practicing Muslim looking for halal dining options, or simply curious about Vapiano’s halal status, read on to uncover everything you need to know.

Understanding Halal Food in Islam

Before looking specifically at Vapiano’s, let’s quickly cover what “halal” means in Islam and the requirements around halal food.

Halal is an Arabic word which in Islam refers to anything that’s permissible or lawful. When it comes to food, for something to be considered halal, it must meet certain dietary standards according to Islamic law. Here are the key guidelines around halal food:

  • All meat must derive from halal slaughtered animals. This includes beef, lamb, goat, chicken, etc.
  • Pork and any pork by-products are strictly prohibited.
  • Alcohol cannot be used as an ingredient or consumed alongside food.
  • Dairy products are halal, but cannot be mixed or prepared with non-halal products like pork.
  • Only seafood with scales and fins are halal (so shrimp, fish, etc).
  • Food must be prepared with utensils that have not touched non-halal foods.

Any food that follows these Islamic dietary laws is considered permissible and “halal”. Foods that are inherently halal include vegetables, fruits, grains, seafood, and dairy products like cheese or yogurt.

For restaurants to guarantee they serve authentic halal food, they can pursue halal certification. This involves having their sourcing, preparation methods, ingredients and facilities inspected by a certification organization like the Muslim Food Board or World Halal Council.

Once the auditing process is complete, if the restaurant meets all the standards, they are granted a halal certificate to display showing patrons they faithfully accommodate Islamic dietary needs.

So in summary – “halal” refers to permissible food in Islam, and halal certification proves a restaurant adheres to the requirements around preparing and serving halal food properly.

Current Vapiano Locations with Halal Certification

Out of Vapiano’s 200+ global restaurants, only some locations as of 2022 have obtained full halal certification.

In the UK and Ireland specifically, three Vapiano’s restaurants have valid halal certification:

  • Vapiano’s Great Portland Street, London – This was Vapiano’s first UK location to be halal certified. It displays certification from The Halal Monitoring Committee on premises.

  • Vapiano’s Sloane Square, London – Certified halal by the Halal Food Authority. A popular spot for Muslims in the upscale Chelsea area.

  • Vapiano’s Blanchardstown, Dublin – Vapiano’s first halal certified restaurant in Ireland. Visit for halal Italian fare in suburban Dublin.

These three Vapiano’s locations have been audited and vetted to rigorously follow halal guidelines. Since certification is granted on a restaurant-by-restaurant basis, always look for the halal logo or certificate on-site to confirm halal status.

Many other Vapiano’s are still working through the certification process. For instance, the Stratford and Baker Street London locations plan to introduce halal menus soon. Contact your local restaurant directly to inquire about halal status if uncertain.

As consumer demand grows, Vapiano’s aims to eventually offer halal dining at all its UK and Ireland spots. But for now, the certified halal Vapiano’s are limited to Great Portland Street, Sloane Square, and Blanchardstown.

Typical Ingredients Used at Vapiano’s

To understand what menu items you can order halal at Vapiano’s, it helps to first know the types of ingredients commonly used in their dishes:




  • Tomatoes – For pizza or pasta sauces
  • Onions, peppers, mushrooms – Pizza and pasta toppings
  • Mixed greens – For salads



  • Spaghetti, penne, fusilli – With tomato or cream based sauces
  • Filled pastas like ravioli, tortellini


At the certified halal locations, Vapiano’s uses halal chicken, beef and turkey sourced from approved suppliers. All seafood, vegetables, pasta and dairy products are also halal. The key is avoiding non-halal ingredients like pork, alcohol or improperly slaughtered meat.

Customizing Your Meal for Halal at Vapiano’s

One benefit of Vapiano’s unique “fast casual” Italian concept is you can fully customize your pasta, pizza or salad to be halal.

Some menu items are already halal, but you can also ask for dishes to be made without non-halal ingredients like pork products. Here are some of the most popular halal options at Vapiano’s:

Halal Pasta Choices

  • Spaghetti al Pomodoro – With a simple tomato sauce. Ask for no bacon or ham toppings.
  • Fusilli Funghi e Spinaci – Fusilli with mushrooms and spinach in a cream sauce.
  • Spaghetti al Pesto Rosso – Spaghetti with “red” pesto made using sun-dried tomatoes.
  • Penne all’Arrabbiata – Spicy tomato penne. Hold the bacon or beef topping for halal.
  • Ravioli or Tortellini – Filled pastas with halal cheese stuffing. Ask for no pork-based broth.

Halal Pizzas

  • Pizza Mozzarella – With tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. Specify halal chicken or no meat.
  • Pizza Prosciutto – Ask for turkey ham instead of pork-based prosciutto.
  • Pizza al Pesto – Pesto base with mozzarella and fresh tomatoes or other halal toppings.
  • Pizza Ai Funghi – Mushroom pizza without pork or bacon.

Halal Salads

  • Insalata Mista – Simple mixed green side salad with halal dressing.
  • Insalata di Pollo – Grilled chicken salad with vegetables and balsamic dressing.
  • Insalata di Gamberetti – Shrimp salad with cherry tomatoes, peppers and herbs.

Halal Desserts

Many authentic Italian desserts at Vapiano’s are already halal or can be slightly modified:

  • Panna Cotta – Dairy-based cooked cream pudding. Halal.
  • Tiramisu – Ladyfingers dipped in coffee and mascarpone. Request halal ladyfingers.
  • Torta di Ricotta – Can be made without rum for halal.
  • Gelato – Ask for halal gelato base and toppings.

The key is carefully customizing each item and confirming the halal status of all ingredients with staff. Vapiano’s friendly servers called “vapianisti” are happy to assist with halal modifications.

The Halal Certification Process at Vapiano’s

For the certified halal Vapiano’s locations, obtaining proper halal credentials was an extensive, detailed process.

Here are some of the standards Vapiano’s had to comply with for halal certification:

  • All meat is sourced from certified halal suppliers and slaughterhouses. Auditors review procurement records.
  • Ingredients, including oils and flavorings, must come from halal-approved vendors.
  • Separate storage, prep and cooking tools designated only for halal use. Color-coded utensils prevent cross-contamination.
  • No pork, alcohol or other non-halal ingredients can be used in halal menu items.
  • Dining areas and kitchen surfaces are meticulously cleaned between handling halal and non-halal food.
  • Staff undergo rigorous training on halal compliance – from chefs to servers to managers.
  • Random ingredient, process and facility audits are conducted even after certification.

Additionally, Vapiano’s halal restaurant layout is intentionally designed for total segregation. There are separate storage shelves, refrigerators, freezers, prep stations and cooking equipment just for halal food.

Halal-certified ingredients are specially marked upon receiving and kept apart throughout the entire farm-to-fork process. Many procedures ensure no accidental mixing or cross-contamination ever occurs.

Gaining credible halal certification requires systematic changes – but enables Vapiano’s to confidently serve authentic, sharia-compliant Italian cuisine.

The Dining Experience as a Muslim at Vapiano’s

Beyond just the food itself being halal, Vapiano’s also offers a comfortable, welcoming dining experience suitable for Muslim patrons:

  • There is clear signage indicating which dishes are certified halal on the menu. No guesswork or awkward questioning of staff required.

  • Alcohol is completely banned at all halal locations. You can dine in a family-friendly environment free of liquor.

  • Staff are trained to be accommodating of Islamic traditions around halal food, prayer needs and more.

  • The contemporary interior design offers a clean, open layout conducive to Muslim sensitivities.

  • Prayer spaces are made available on request if needed before or after your meal.

  • Busier Vapiano’s offer separate sections for family dining if preferred.

You can relax and enjoy your halal Italian meal at Vapiano’s knowing the space comfortably caters to Muslim diners. Between the halal menu options and welcoming atmosphere, Vapiano’s matches both your dietary and spiritual needs.

Checking If Other Vapiano’s Are Halal

Since halal certification is done per restaurant, Vapiano’s locations outside of Great Portland Street, Sloane Square and Blanchardstown cannot be automatically assumed halal.

Always check each specific Vapiano’s you are looking to dine at for proper certification. Don’t just rely on what you read or hear about the chain generally being halal or not.

Here are some tips for how to confirm halal status at Vapiano’s:

  • Check if there is clear “halal” or “zabihah halal” signage on the door or windows externally. This is the easiest way to quickly identify halal restaurants.

  • Look for the official halal certification from organizations like HFA, HMC or JAKIM inside on walls or menus.

  • Call ahead or ask servers upon arriving if they have halal certification on premises. Don’t be shy to ask – it’s your right to know!

  • Check the Vapiano’s website or social media pages for announcements on new halal certifications. Locations often promote being newly approved.

  • Reach out to Vapiano’s customer service to inquire if a particular location offers halal menu options or pursues halal certification.

Unless you see halal certification displayed on-site, or Vapiano’s specifically promotes a restaurant as halal, assume it does not have halal status currently. But policies are always changing, so keep an eye out for newly certified locations opening up.

Frequently Asked Questions – Is Vapiano’s Halal 

Let’s summarize the key points on Vapiano’s halal status by answering some common FAQs:

Is all chicken and meat at Vapiano’s halal?

No, only at the certified halal locations in London and Dublin. Other Vapiano’s serve a mix of halal and non-halal meat.

Can I get halal pizza and pasta at Vapiano’s?

Yes, but only if you customize it at a certified halal Vapiano’s. You can substitute regular meat for halal chicken or request no pork products.

Do Vapiano’s restaurants with halal certification still serve alcohol?

No. As part of the certification standards, halal locations do not serve or use any alcohol on premises.

Is there a dedicated halal menu or just halal options on the regular menu?

There is clear labeling of dedicated halal items on the standard menu. Halal choices have a distinct marker.

Are desserts like gelato and tiramisu halal at Vapiano’s?

Many are halal already, but some may contain rum or non-halal ingredients. Check with staff to be 100% sure.

If I have a halal meal, can I dine at a table near someone eating non-halal food?

Yes, Vapiano’s halal certification allows this. But you can request a “halal section” table if you prefer to dine separately.

The Verdict: Is Vapiano’s Halal?

So in conclusion – is Vapiano’s halal? The answer is it depends on which specific location you visit.

The Vapiano’s restaurants certified halal in London and Dublin ensure an authentically halal Italian dining experience for Muslim patrons.

But not all Vapiano’s are halal yet. Be sure to check for proper halal certification displayed at the entrance and on menus before assuming a restaurant follows Islamic dietary guidelines.

As their Muslim customer base grows, more Vapiano’s plan to introduce halal menus. Vapiano’s unique concept already makes it easy to customize pasta, pizza and more to be halal.

So while not fully halal yet across all locations, Vapiano’s offers flexible options for Muslim diners and an enjoyable halal dining experience at certified restaurants.