In Australia, Steggles is a well-known poultry brand that offers a wide range of chicken products. For Muslim consumers, however, one crucial question arises: Is Steggles Halal? This article aims to provide a comprehensive answer to this question by delving into the concept of Halal certification, Steggles’ operations, and the brand’s compliance with Islamic dietary laws.

Understanding Halal and Its Significance

Halal is an Arabic word that means “permissible” or “lawful” in Islam. It refers to the set of guidelines and rules that govern what Muslims can and cannot consume. Halal food must be prepared in accordance with Islamic principles, ensuring it is free from any prohibited substances or contamination.

For Muslims, consuming Halal food is not just a dietary preference but a religious obligation. Adherence to Halal principles is essential for maintaining a lifestyle in line with Islamic teachings. This is why Halal certification plays a crucial role in the food industry, providing Muslim consumers with the assurance that the products they purchase are compliant with Islamic laws.

Steggles: An Overview of the Brand

Steggles is an Australian poultry company that has been in operation since the 1920s. Over the years, the brand has become a household name, known for its wide range of chicken products, including whole birds, tenderloins, drumsticks, and crumbed varieties.

Steggles’ operations span across Australia, with multiple farms and processing facilities. The brand’s distribution network covers major supermarkets, retailers, and food service providers, making Steggles chicken readily available to consumers nationwide.

Is Steggles Halal Certified?

The answer to this question is not straightforward, as Steggles’ Halal certification status can vary depending on the specific product line and facility.

Some Steggles products are Halal certified, while others are not.

Halal Certifications Obtained by Steggles

Steggles has obtained Halal certifications from various accredited bodies for certain product lines and facilities. These certifications ensure that the certified products adhere to Islamic principles during the entire production process, from farming to packaging.

Some of the Halal certifications held by Steggles include:

  • Halal Certification Authority Australia (HCAA): This certification covers Steggles’ facilities in South Australia and certain product lines.
  • Australian Halal Food Services (AHFS): Steggles has obtained AHFS certification for specific facilities and product ranges.

It’s important to note that the scope of these certifications may change over time, and consumers should always check the packaging or contact Steggles directly for the most up-to-date information on Halal-certified products.

Alternatives to Steggles for Halal Poultry

If you’re looking for alternative Halal-certified poultry options in Australia, several other major brands offer a range of Halal-compliant chicken products:

  • Lilydale: A well-known poultry brand that offers a wide selection of Halal-certified chicken products, including whole birds, breasts, thighs, and more.
  • Ingham’s: Another popular Australian poultry brand with various Halal-certified product lines, such as whole chickens, portions, and crumbed varieties.
  • La Ionica: A brand known for its free-range and organic chicken products, many of which are Halal-certified.

When choosing an alternative brand, it’s essential to research their Halal certifications, farming practices, and processing facilities to ensure they align with your values and preferences.


In summary, Steggles has obtained Halal certifications for certain product lines and facilities, but not all their products are Halal-certified. It’s crucial to check the packaging or contact Steggles directly to confirm the Halal status of a specific product before making a purchase.

For Muslim consumers seeking alternative Halal-certified poultry options, brands like Lilydale, Ingham’s, and La Ionica offer a range of Halal-compliant chicken products that may better suit your preferences and values.

Ultimately, making informed choices based on thorough research and adherence to Islamic principles is essential when it comes to consuming Halal food. By staying vigilant and seeking out reliable information, Muslim consumers can ensure they are making choices that align with their religious beliefs and dietary requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions: Is Steggles Halal?

Unfortunately, Steggles chicken is not halal certified. If you are looking for halal chicken, you may need to consider other brands that offer halal options.

How can I verify if a specific Steggles product is Halal?

The easiest way to verify if a Steggles product is Halal-certified is to check the packaging for any Halal certification logos or statements. These logos and statements will indicate which accredited body has certified the product as Halal-compliant.

If the packaging doesn’t provide clear information, you can contact Steggles directly or visit their website to inquire about the Halal status of a specific product.

Are all Steggles products Halal certified?

No, not all Steggles products are Halal certified. The brand has obtained Halal certifications for specific product lines and facilities, but not all their products are covered under these certifications.

It’s essential to check the packaging or contact Steggles directly to confirm the Halal status of a particular product before making a purchase.

What should I look for on the packaging to identify Halal products?

When checking the packaging of Steggles products, look for logos or statements indicating Halal certification from accredited bodies like the Halal Certification Authority Australia (HCAA) or Australian Halal Food Services (AHFS).

These logos and statements will typically include the name of the certifying body and may also provide a certification number or other details confirming the product’s Halal status.

Is Steggles meat processed separately from non-Halal products?

It’s essential to note that Steggles processes both Halal-certified and non-Halal products in their facilities. While they may have dedicated lines and procedures for Halal production, there is always a risk of cross-contamination.

To ensure the highest level of compliance with Islamic principles, it’s advisable to choose products from facilities that exclusively process Halal-certified products.

Are there any concerns about cross-contamination during processing?

Cross-contamination is a valid concern when it comes to Halal certification. Even if a product is labeled as Halal, there is a possibility of contamination during the processing, handling, or packaging stages if non-Halal products are also being processed in the same facility.

To minimize the risk of cross-contamination, it’s essential to choose products from facilities that exclusively process Halal-certified products and adhere to strict hygiene and segregation protocols.

Where can I find halal chicken in Australia?

You can find halal chicken at specific halal butchers, certain supermarkets, or specialized stores that cater to providing halal meat products.

Does Steggles offer halal turkey?

Steggles does not offer halal-certified turkey products. For halal turkey options, you may need to explore other brands or specific halal suppliers.

Can I find a list of halal meat options on Steggles’ website?

Unfortunately, Steggles does not provide a specific list of halal-certified products on their website. It’s recommended to reach out to Steggles directly for more information on halal options.

Where can I read more about the controversy surrounding halal meat?

You can find information and discussions about halal meat, including any controversies, on online forums, news articles, or websites dedicated to discussing food and dietary choices.

Is Steggles chicken available in halal stores?

Steggles chicken is not typically found in halal stores. Halal stores usually carry products that are certified as halal to cater to specific dietary requirements.

How can I get more information about halal meat options in my area?

You can contact local halal butchers, community centers, mosques, or Islamic organizations in your area to get information about where to find halal meat products.