As a consumer who values both my faith and my sweet tooth, I have often found myself wondering about the halal status of popular candy brands like Maoam and Haribo. In this comprehensive guide, I will delve into the intricate details of these products, providing you with the knowledge you need to make informed choices while satisfying your cravings.

 A Comprehensive Guide

Maoam is a popular soft candy produced by the German confectionery company Haribo. The chewy, fruit-flavored treats have developed a cult following since being introduced in 1982. However, there has been some debate around whether Maoams are halal – meaning permissible under Islamic law.

Brief Background on Maoam

  • Sold in over 100 countries
  • Come in iconic bright packaging with bold fruit flavors like Strawberry, Blackcurrant, and Orange
  • Sold as strips, laces, balls, cubes, and other shapes
  • Haribo’s second most popular product after Goldbears gummy candy

Maoam accounts for 20 percent of Haribo’s sales and is the second most popular Haribo product after Gold Bears. 

The Halal Debate

There is disagreement in the Muslim community over whether key ingredients in Maoams make them halal or haram (impermissible).

  • Main points of contention are:
    • Beef gelatin
    • Carmine dye

“Haribo uses beef gelatine in many of its products and this is a matter of ongoing public debate for Muslim consumers”

Further analysis of Maoam’s ingredients and manufacturing is needed to determine its halal status according to different Islamic schools of thought.

Defining Halal Food

For food to be considered halal under Islamic law, it must meet certain requirements in its ingredients and preparation.

General Guidelines

  • Cannot contain pork, pork by-products, or alcohol
  • Animal meat and poultry must be slaughtered according to zabiha rules
    • Facing Mecca
    • Invoke name of Allah
    • Cut throat and let blood drain
  • No meat from carnivorous animals
    • Examples: dogs, lions, bears
  • Dairy, eggs, fish, veggies, fruit, and plants are generally halal

“For meat to be halal it must come from a permitted source and it must be slaughtered according to Islamic rite”

Importance of Certification

  • Many Muslim consumers look for halal certification from accredited organizations
  • Provides assurance that strict Islamic guidelines have been followed
  • Lack of certification creates doubt if standards were met

“Halal certification gives consumers confidence that products meet the requirements of their faith” 

  • Major certifying bodies:
    • Halal Food Authority (HFA)
    • Halal Transactions of Omaha
    • Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA)

Proper certification is key for food companies wanting to market their products to Muslim consumers as halal.

Maoam Ingredients and Flavourings

Maoam contains various ingredients that factor into determinations of its halal status.

Main Ingredients

According to the Haribo website, key ingredients in Maoams include:

  • Glucose syrup
  • Sugar
  • Beef gelatin
  • Fruit juices from concentrate
  • Acids
  • Flavourings
  • Colours (anthocyanin, paprika extract, carmine)

“Haribo confirmed to us that their MAOAM products are made with beef gelatine and do include carmine colouring.” 

Controversial Ingredients

Two ingredients have raised doubts about Maoam’s halal status:

  • Beef gelatin – Source and slaughter method unclear
  • Carmine dye – Bright red food coloring from crushed insects

“There are two aspects of the ingredients that are controversial: 1) The beef gelatine – beef gelatine can be derived from pork as well as beef. 2) Carmine colouring – carmine is a red food dye derived from crushed insects.” 

Further analysis of these ingredients is needed to determine if they comply with halal standards. Haribo does not currently have halal certification.


Perspectives on Maoam Halal Status

There are conflicting views on whether Maoams are halal or haram based on the ingredients.

Not Considered Halal

Some argue Maoams don’t meet halal standards:

  • Haribo has not sought halal certification for Maoams

“Haribo told us they do not currently have any halal certified products.” 

  • Unclear if beef gelatin comes from properly slaughtered cows

“There are doubts over the source of the beef gelatine used.” 

  • Carmine dye from insects is considered haram by many Muslim groups

“Some Islamic scholars have concluded that Carmine is forbidden for Muslims.” 

Considered Halal

Others argue Maoams are likely halal:

  • Beef gelatin from cows is typically deemed halal

“Gelatine derived from cattle slaughtered by halal methods is considered halal.” 

  • Only a minority forbid carmine and stances vary

“Only a small group of Islamic scholars believe Carmine is Haram.”

Differing Opinions

  • No consensus among Muslim experts on gelatin and carmine
  • Individual Muslims also interpret rules differently

“Islamic scholars differ in their opinions on whether carmine is really haram or halal.” 

More dialogue is needed to determine Maoam’s acceptability to Muslim consumers.Ways Maoam Could Be Made Halal

If Haribo wants to market Maoams as halal, they could consider reformulating the recipe and getting certification.

Gelatin Source

  • Use gelatin only from certified halal beef sources

“Halal gelatin is typically derived from cattle sacrificed according to Islamic guidelines.” 

  • Alternatively, use plant-based gelling agents:

“Pectin and starch are gelling agents that can replace gelatin in halal gummy sweets.” 

Natural Colors

  • Replace carmine with plant-based natural food colors

“Beetroot, saffron, and anthocyanins from berries can provide halal-friendly alternatives to carmine red dye.” 

Get Certified

  • Obtain halal certification from an accredited halal agency

“Halal certification would provide assurance to Muslim consumers about Maoams.” 

With these changes, Maoams could become definitively halal.

Is Maoam Halal – FAQ

Maoam is a brand of candy, particularly known for its Maoam Stripes. The question of whether Maoam is halal or not depends on its ingredients and the method of production.

Are Maoam sweets suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, Maoam sweets are suitable for vegetarians. They do not contain any meat products or animal derivatives.

Does Maoam contain gelatin?

No, Maoam does not contain gelatin. Gelatin is derived from the collagen in animal bones, cartilage, and skin, and it is not used in Maoam sweets.

Is Maoam a halal candy?

Maoam candy can be considered halal as it does not contain any ingredients that are forbidden in Islam, such as pork or alcohol. However, it is always recommended to check the specific ingredients and consult with religious authorities if in doubt.

Is Maoam produced by Haribo?

Yes, Maoam is a brand that is owned and produced by Haribo, a German confectionery company known for its gummy candies.

What are the main ingredients in Maoam Stripes?

The main ingredients in Maoam Stripes include glucose syrup, sugar, invert sugar syrup, palm fat, citric acid, fruit and plant concentrates (apple, elderberry, blackcurrant, orange, lemon, mango, passion fruit, grapefruit), flavorings, and glazing agents (beeswax, white and yellow). Please note that some flavors of Maoam Stripes may have slightly different ingredient compositions.

Does Maoam contain any pork or pork-derived ingredients?

No, Maoam does not contain any pork or pork-derived ingredients.

Can I find the halal status of Maoam on Reddit?

Reddit is a platform where users can share their opinions and experiences. While you may find discussions about Maoam’s halal status on Reddit, it is always best to refer to official sources or consult with appropriate religious authorities for accurate information.

Does Maoam contain any artificial colors or flavors?

Maoam candies may contain artificial colors and flavors, as stated in the ingredient list. These ingredients are approved for use in foods by relevant food authorities.


There is an ongoing debate within the Muslim community over whether Maoam candies by Haribo are halal.

  • Main points of contention are the beef gelatin and carmine dye

“The halal status of Maoams hinges on the source of the gelatin and the use of carmine dye.” 

  • Perspectives vary based on different interpretations of halal rules

“Opinions are mixed on whether the ingredients comply with halal requirements.” 

  • Haribo could resolve uncertainty by:

    • Using certified halal gelatin

    • Replacing carmine with plant-based colors

    • Obtaining halal certification

“Halal certification of Maoams would provide clarity to Muslim consumers.” 

In summary, Maoam’s halal status remains ambiguous without recipe changes and official certification. Dialogue is needed to determine acceptability among Muslims.