Mentos is a popular brand of chewy candy that has been enjoyed by people all over the world for decades. With its refreshing flavors and unique texture, it is no wonder that Mentos is a favorite treat for many. However, for individuals who follow a halal diet, there may be concerns about whether Mentos is permissible to consume. Halal refers to food and beverages that are prepared and produced in accordance with Islamic dietary laws. These laws dictate the types of ingredients that are allowed and the methods in which food is prepared. It is important for Muslim individuals to ensure that the food they consume is halal, as it is not just a matter of personal preference but also a religious obligation. Therefore, it is essential to determine whether Mentos meets the criteria for being halal-certified. In this article, we will explore the ingredients used in Mentos, the manufacturing process, and any certification or approval from halal authorities to determine whether this delightful candy can be enjoyed guilt-free. 

Mentos Candy Under the Microscope

Mentos are a popular mint-flavored candy known for their unique, grainy texture and fresh flavor. The chewy candies have been enjoyed by consumers since they were first created in the Netherlands in 1948.

Some key facts about Mentos:

  • Sold in over 130 countries worldwide
  • Come in a variety of fruity and minty flavors
  • Main ingredients are sugar, glucose syrup, beef gelatin, and flavorings
  • Known for the “Mentos and soda” experiments that go viral online

The candies are extremely popular, but many Muslim consumers wonder – are Mentos halal?

What Does Halal Mean?

In Islam, there are guidelines around food called halal and haram. Halal refers to foods that are permissible to eat, while haram means prohibited. For a food to be halal, it must meet certain requirements:

  • Cannot contain pork, alcohol, or animal byproducts like gelatin from prohibited sources
  • Must be from an animal slaughtered according to Islamic ritual zabihah
  • Cannot contain blood or carrion

For practicing Muslims, it is essential to confirm if popular foods like Mentos are halal certified and adhere to Islamic dietary laws.

Mentos Ingredients And Manufacturing

When examining the ingredients and manufacturing of Mentos candies, there are several positive signs that they are halal:

“Mentos does not contain any animal derived ingredients or alcohol in its formulation.” 

  • Mentos ingredients do not list any pork or alcohol derivatives.
  • The gelatin used is believed to be from halal beef sources:

    “Gelatin in Mentos is derived from Beef.” 

  • Mentos have received halal certification in some countries:

    “Mentos Chewing Gum Ice Peppermint is Halal certified by The Central Islamic Council of Thailand.”

Based on these findings, the consensus is that Mentos are halal compliant. However, some differing opinions exist, which will be covered next.

Evidence Mentos are Halal

There are several credible sources that point towards Mentos being halal:

  • Halal certification

    Mentos products in certain countries like Thailand have received halal certification:

    “HALAL Certified by The Central Islamic Council of Thailand” 

  • Beef gelatin

    Ingredients listings show gelatin from bovine sources:

    “Gelatin in Mentos is derived from Beef.” 

  • No haram ingredients

    Advocacy sites don’t flag any non-halal components:

    “We didn’t find any non-vegan ingredients in Mentos.”

While not definitive, these points suggest Mentos candy contains only halal ingredients.

Counter Evidence and Debate

While many signs point to Mentos being halal compliant, some counter evidence exists:

  • Lack of universal certification

    Though certified halal in some countries, Mentos lack certification in others:

    “Mentos does not have a Halal certification from an approved Halal certification body.” 

  • Ambiguous gelatin source

    The exact gelatin source is not confirmed by Mentos:

    “The source of gelatin is not known.”

  • Skeptical opinions

    Some Muslim consumers express uncertainty about halal status:

    “I wouldn’t risk it if it isn’t certified halal.”

While not widespread, there are dissenting views on Mentos’ halal compliance due to lack of transparency.

Are Mentos Halal – Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mentos considered halal?

Mentos is considered halal by most Islamic scholars and organizations. The ingredients used in Mentos products do not contain any known haram (forbidden) substances. However, it is always recommended to check the ingredient list to ensure there are no non-halal ingredients present.

Is Mentos gum halal?

Mentos gum is generally considered halal as it does not contain any known haram ingredients. The chewing gum base used in Mentos gum is usually made from natural or synthetic materials, which are considered permissible.

What are the ingredients used in Mentos gum?

The ingredients used in Mentos gum typically include mentos gum flavors, rice starch, glucose syrup, sucrose esters of fatty acids, and natural flavor. These ingredients are commonly used in food products and are generally considered halal.

Does Mentos offer any halal-certified products?

Mentos does not offer any specific halal-certified products. However, based on the ingredients used and the absence of any known haram substances, Mentos products are widely accepted as halal by Muslim consumers.

Can I consume Mentos Pure Fresh Gum as a halal option?

Yes, you can consume Mentos Pure Fresh Gum as it is considered halal. The gum is free from any haram ingredients and is considered permissible for Muslim consumption.

Are the fruit flavors in Mentos gum halal?

The fruit flavors used in Mentos gum are generally considered halal. These flavors are typically derived from natural sources or artificial sources that do not contain any haram substances.

Does Mentos mint contain any non-halal ingredients?

Mentos mint does not contain any known non-halal ingredients. The mint flavors used in Mentos are sourced from natural or artificial sources, which are generally considered permissible for consumption.


In summary, the available evidence suggests Mentos candies are halal:

  • No haram ingredients like pork or alcohol present
  • Indications gelatin is from halal beef sources
  • Official halal certification in some markets

However, there are some counterpoints:

  • Lack of universal halal certification
  • Ambiguity around exact gelatin sources
  • Minority skeptical opinions on forums

While the consensus leans towards Mentos being halal compliant, the lack of definitive certification and transparency from the manufacturer creates some uncertainty.

The most prudent course of action for Muslim consumers is to:

  • Closely inspect ingredients lists for each specific Mentos product
  • Contact Mentos to inquire about gelatin sources
  • Avoid Mentos products without halal certification to be cautious

With additional clarity from Mentos on its ingredients and production, the halal status of these popular mints could be confirmed.