For many Muslims living in the UK, finding halal fast food options can be a challenge. Five Guys has grown in popularity for its fresh burgers and fries, leading many to wonder – is Five Guys actually halal?

While Five Guys itself is not officially certified as a halal restaurant chain, many menu items do meet halal standards. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover:

  • What makes food halal
  • Five Guys’ halal status
  • Which menu items are halal
  • How the burgers are prepared
  • Whether Five Guys is “halal enough” for Muslim customers
  • FAQs about Five Guys and halal compliance

So read on to get the full breakdown on Five Guys’ halal compliance and policies in the UK.

What Makes Food Halal?

Halal is an Arabic word meaning “permissible” under Islamic dietary guidelines. The Quran provides detailed guidance on what foods and drinks are allowed and prohibited for Muslims.

For meat to be considered halal, it must meet certain requirements:

  • The animal being slaughtered must be a lawful animal in Islam. Pork, carnivorous animals, and animals not slaughtered properly are haram (forbidden).

  • The slaughter itself must be performed by a sane adult Muslim. Before slaughtering, they must invoke the name of Allah by saying “Bismillah” and then three times “Allahu akbar” (Allah is greater).

  • The animal must be killed quickly with a sharp knife. It should not see the knife before slaughter, and must not suffer unnecessarily.

  • All blood must be drained completely from the carcass. Consuming blood is haram.

  • In addition, any pork-derived products like lard or gelatin are forbidden.

Following these Islamic criteria ensures the meat is aligned with Muslim values. In terms of non-meat products, alcohol is also prohibited in the halal diet.

Five Guys’ Halal Status

Five Guys itself does not claim to be a halal certified restaurant chain. Five Guys does not serve certified halal meat or have an official halal menu. Their website and menus make no mention of halal compliance.

However, many Muslims find they can eat Five Guys despite the lack of halal certification. This is because several popular menu items happen to meet halal standards even though that is not Five Guys’ intent. Their burgers, fries, and some sandwiches avoid haram ingredients like pork, making them permissible for Muslims.

Five Guys does not cater specifically to Muslim dietary requirements. But the overlap between halal laws and vegetarian/vegan diets means some options end up being “accidentally halal.” Muslims can take advantage of this when choosing menu items wisely.

Five Guys Halal Menu Options

Here are some of the more halal-friendly Five Guys menu choices to consider:


  • Hamburger – The beef burger patties at Five Guys are made of 100% beef and do not contain pork or other forbidden meats. As long as you avoid bacon as a burger topping, the meat is halal.

  • Cheeseburger – The same halal beef patties can be ordered with cheese. Most cheeses are permissible in Islam unless animal-based rennet was used.

  • Bun – Five Guys buns do not contain any haram ingredients like pork-derived lard. They are vegan friendly, using just enriched wheat flour, water, yeast, salt, corn syrup, soybean oil, wheat gluten, distilled vinegar, and dough conditioners.

Many Muslims feel comfortable considering Five Guys beef patties halal. However, some argue that since the cattle are not slaughtered in the Islamic ritual manner and certified halal, the burgers do not meet true halal standards. This is up for individual interpretation.


  • Five Guys fries are completely vegan. They contain no animal products and are fried in peanut oil, making them undisputedly halal compliant. The fries consist of just potatoes, vegetable oil, and salt.

Veggie Sandwich

  • The veggie sandwich with grilled vegetables and bread is vegetarian and halal. You can also add cheese if you wish. The veggie sandwich contains no haram ingredients.


  • Beverage options like water, soda, and milkshakes are free of alcohol, so they meet halal guidelines. The milkshakes use real ice cream but no other animal products.


  • Side items like pickles, jalapeño peppers, and toasted buns without meat are halal. Avoid any bacon bits or hot dog toppings.

So in summary, Five Guys’ beef patties, buns, fries, and several toppings qualify as halal even though the chain itself does not confirm halal status. Muslims have options as long as they customize orders to avoid haram ingredients.

Haram Fast Food Five Guys Menu Items

While Five Guys has some halal-friendly options, several menu items are very clearly not halal:

  • Bacon – All bacon served is pork, which is haram (forbidden) in Islam. Bacon bits also fall into this category.

  • Hot dogs – Five Guys hot dogs contain pork. The hot dog toppings too are not halal.

  • Alcohol milkshake flavors – Some milkshake varieties like Irish cream or piña colada contain alcohol derived from non-halal ingredients.

In addition, it is questionable whether the cheese and mayonnaise-based sauces are halal, since they may contain animal enzymes or other prohibited ingredients. When in doubt, it is best for Muslims to avoid menu items that are not clearly halal. Stick to simpler veggie sandwiches or burgers without bacon or sauces.

How Five Guys Burgers Are Prepared

One concern around Five Guys burgers is that while the beef patties themselves may be halal, they are grilled on the same flat-top grill as non-halal meats like hot dogs and bacon. There is debate within the Muslim community whether this cross-contact makes the burgers no longer halal.

Some Muslims argue that as long as the beef itself is halal, brief contact with non-halal meats during heating does not nullify that status or make the burgers haram. But other Muslims feel such contact risks substantial contamination between the halal and haram substances, enough to make the burgers doubtful.

This is an issue that each Muslim must consider carefully when deciding if Five Guys burgers meet their personal halal standards. There is evidence on both sides, and it depends on how strictly halal a person chooses to be regarding cross-contamination.

How Five Guys Sources Their Meat

To fully evaluate Five Guys’ halal status, it is important to consider how they source and handle their meat. According to Five Guys, their beef patties are made from 100% fresh ground beef with no additives, filler, or preservatives. However, Five Guys beef is neither organic, grass-fed, nor certified halal. The cattle are also not guaranteed to be slaughtered in a halal manner.

Five Guys states that their distributor purchases raw materials from approved USDA meat suppliers. The supplier is required to treat the cattle humanely and follow all procedures set forth by the Humane Farm Animal Care program standards. However, these standards do not necessarily meet typical halal slaughter guidelines.

So while Five Guys burgers contain no haram ingredients, the lack of halal certification and oversight means observant Muslims may still wish to avoid them or ask further questions. Those who are less strict may be comfortable with Five Guys beef patties being “halal enough” given their policies.

Conclusion: Is Five Guys Halal For Muslims To Eat?

In summary – Five Guys fast food is not officially certified halal, but they do offer menu choices that comply with Islamic law for permitted food and drink.

Muslims looking for halal options at Five Guys can safely order items like burgers without bacon, plain fries, and veggie sandwiches. These are devoid of any haram substances.

However, the same grills are used for halal and non-halal meats, which is a point of contention depending on how strict one’s halal standards are regarding cross-contamination. There are also questions around how Five Guys’ beef is sourced and handled.

Overall, Five Guys meets halal standards in some but not all menu offerings. Each individual Muslim has to decide based on their personal convictions whether Five Guys provides enough halal choices to eat there comfortably. It can be a good fast food option, but is not fully halal compliant.

For 100% certified halal burgers and fast food, check out alternative UK burger restaurants like Halal Burger Company or German Doner Kebab. They cater specifically to Muslim dietary requirements and have halal certification from major Islamic bodies.

Frequently Asked Questions – Is Five Guys Halal (Permissible)

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Five Guys’ halal compliance policies:

Is Five Guys halal certified?

No, Five Guys locations do not have official halal certification. They make no claims to be halal.

What menu items are halal at Five Guys?

Beef burgers without bacon, fries, veggie sandwiches, and drinks like soda, water, and milkshakes are among the halal-friendly options.

Does Five Guys use halal meat?

Five Guys does not use certified halal meat. However, their beef patties adhere to halal standards of being 100% beef without pork. But uncertainty remains around their sourcing and slaughter methods.

Are the fries at Five Guys halal?

Yes, Five Guys fries are halal. They are completely vegan, containing potatoes fried in peanut oil with salt.

Is Five Guys cheese halal?

Potentially, if they use microbial rennet cheeses. But they do not guarantee the source, so it’s unclear.

Why isn’t Five Guys halal?

Five Guys is not a halal-focused restaurant. They do not specifically cater to Muslim diners or market themselves as halal. Their kitchen practices also allow for crossover between halal and haram ingredients.

Does Five Guys use halal beef?

Five Guys does not use certified halal beef. While their beef patties are permissible for many Muslims, the cattle slaughter methods are not confirmed to meet halal standards.

Can Muslims eat at Five Guys?

Many Muslims do comfortably eat at Five Guys, ordering menu items like fries and customizing burgers to be halal. Each Muslim must decide for themselves based on their personal convictions and halal standards.

The Verdict on Five Guys for Muslim Diners

At the end of the day, whether or not Five Guys meets your halal requirements as a Muslim comes down to your personal judgement. Some Muslims may be perfectly comfortable with menu offerings like burgers and fries at Five Guys. For others who follow stricter interpretations, the uncertainties around cross-contamination and sourcing mean they choose to avoid it.

Our recommendation is that Five Guys provides some good halal-friendly options, but cannot be considered fully halal compliant. Muslims would need to stick to a limited menu and ask questions to ensure their comfort level. For guaranteed halal fast food, dedicated halal restaurants are a better choice.