Shihlin, the famous Taiwanese street food chain, has gained immense popularity worldwide for its delectable crispy chicken and mouthwatering snacks. With its roots tracing back to the bustling night markets of Taiwan, Shihlin has expanded internationally, serving up authentic Taiwanese culinary delights in shopping centres and eateries across many countries. However, for Muslim diners, the question of whether Shihlin is halal-friendly is a crucial concern. This comprehensive guide aims to explore the halal status of Shihlin’s menu items and provide valuable insights for those seeking to enjoy their offerings while adhering to Islamic dietary laws.

What is Shihlin?

Shihlin, founded in 1975, is a pioneer in bringing the essence of Taiwan’s vibrant street food culture to the masses. Originally a roadside vendor in Taipei, Shihlin quickly gained fame for its signature crispy chicken breasts, perfectly seasoned and cooked to a golden crisp. Over time, the menu expanded to include an array of tantalizing options, such as succulent mushroom chicken, mouthwatering oyster mee, and refreshing beverages.

As Shihlin’s popularity soared, the brand embarked on a journey of expansion, establishing outlets in various Asian countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. Today, Shihlin has become a household name, celebrated for its ability to transport diners to the bustling night markets of Taiwan with every bite.

Understanding Halal Food Requirements

For Muslims, consuming halal (permissible) food is a fundamental religious obligation. Halal guidelines dictate that certain ingredients and preparation methods must be strictly adhered to. Some key requirements include:

  1. No pork or pork-derived ingredients: Pork and any products containing pork or lard (pork fat) are strictly prohibited.
  2. Zabihah slaughter process: Meat must be obtained from animals slaughtered according to Islamic rites, with a swift, deep incision to the neck that severs the carotid artery, jugular veins, and windpipe.
  3. Segregation from non-halal items: Halal food must be prepared, stored, and served separately from non-halal items to prevent cross-contamination.

Additionally, halal certification from trusted Islamic authorities is highly valued, as it ensures that the entire supply chain and preparation processes adhere to halal principles.

Is Shihlin’s Chicken Halal?

Shihlin’s signature crispy chicken breasts are undoubtedly the star of their menu. However, determining their halal status requires a closer examination of the ingredients and preparation methods employed.


  • Chicken: Shihlin sources its chicken from poultry suppliers. It is crucial to verify if these suppliers are halal-certified and follow the zabihah slaughter process.
  • Marinade and breading: The marinade and breading ingredients should be free from any pork-derived or alcohol-based components.
  • Frying oil: Many restaurants use vegetable or plant-based oils for frying, which are generally considered halal. However, it is essential to confirm that the oil does not contain any animal-derived ingredients or has not been used to fry non-halal items.

Preparation Process:

  • Shared cooking equipment/surfaces: If Shihlin’s kitchens use the same equipment or surfaces to prepare both halal and non-halal items, there is a risk of cross-contamination, rendering the halal items non-compliant.

Are Shihlin’s Other Menu Items Halal?

In addition to their famous chicken, Shihlin offers a variety of other snacks and beverages. It is crucial to review the ingredients of each item to ensure they do not contain any haram (prohibited) components, such as:

  • Pork or pork-derived ingredients (e.g., lard, gelatin)
  • Alcohol or alcohol-based flavorings
  • Non-halal meat or meat products

Some popular Shihlin items that may raise concerns include:

  • Fries: Ensure the frying oil used is halal and has not been shared with non-halal items.
  • Beverages: Check for the presence of alcohol or any non-halal flavorings or ingredients.
  • Snacks: Carefully review the ingredient lists for any prohibited components.

Shihlin’s Halal Certification Status

To provide greater assurance to Muslim consumers, many food establishments seek halal certification from recognized Islamic authorities. These certifications involve a rigorous inspection process to ensure compliance with halal guidelines throughout the entire supply chain and preparation processes.

Shihlin’s halal certification status may vary across different locations and countries. It is essential to check each specific outlet’s halal certification status before visiting. Some potential scenarios include:

  • Fully halal-certified outlets: Certain Shihlin locations may have obtained halal certification from reputable Islamic bodies, indicating that their entire menu and operations adhere to halal principles.
  • Partially halal-certified outlets: In some cases, Shihlin outlets may have obtained halal certification for specific menu items or product lines, while other offerings remain non-halal.
  • Non-halal certified outlets: Shihlin outlets that have not pursued or obtained any halal certification from recognized authorities.

It is crucial to exercise caution and thoroughly research the halal status of the specific Shihlin location you plan to visit, as practices and certifications may vary.

Muslim Customer Experiences at Shihlin

To gain further insights, it can be valuable to explore Muslim customer reviews and experiences at Shihlin outlets. While individual experiences may differ, these perspectives can provide a more comprehensive understanding of the halal-friendliness of Shihlin’s offerings.

Positive Reviews:

  • Some Muslim customers have reported positive experiences at Shihlin, praising the availability of halal-certified menu items and the transparency of halal information provided by the staff.
  • In certain locations, Shihlin outlets display clear halal logos or signage, making it easier for Muslim diners to identify compliant options.

Negative Reviews:

  • On the other hand, some Muslim customers have expressed concerns about the lack of halal certification or inconsistent halal practices across different Shihlin outlets.
  • There have been instances where customers felt uncertain about the halal status of specific menu items or encountered confusion regarding the preparation processes.

It is essential to exercise caution and verify the halal status of each Shihlin location before consuming their offerings, as experiences may vary.


In conclusion, determining the halal status of Shihlin’s offerings is a complex matter that requires careful consideration and research. While Shihlin’s popularity and delectable Taiwanese street food offerings are undeniable, Muslim diners must exercise due diligence to ensure compliance with Islamic dietary laws.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Verify halal certification status: Check if the specific Shihlin outlet you plan to visit has obtained halal certification from reputable Islamic authorities.
  • Inquire about ingredients and preparation processes: Do not hesitate to ask the staff about the halal status of specific menu items, ingredients used, and preparation methods employed.
  • Consider personal beliefs and comfort level: Ultimately, the decision to consume Shihlin’s offerings lies with each individual Muslim diner and their personal beliefs and comfort levels regarding halal compliance.

It is recommended to directly contact Shihlin’s management or consult local Muslim communities and halal authorities for the most up-to-date and relevant information regarding the halal status of Shihlin outlets in your area.

By exercising caution, conducting thorough research, and adhering to personal beliefs, Muslim diners can make informed decisions about whether Shihlin’s offerings align with their halal dietary requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions: Is Shihlin Halal?

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks is halal certified by JAKIM in Malaysia and their products do not contain any pork or lard.

Where can I find Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks?

You can find Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks in various malls and outlets across Malaysia. They are popular for their delicious fried chicken and other Taiwanese street food dishes.

How do I know if a Shihlin outlet is halal certified?

Look for the halal certificate displayed at the outlet or ask the staff for confirmation of their halal certification.

Can I follow Shihlin on social media?

Yes, you can follow Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks on Facebook and Instagram for updates on their latest promotions, new dishes, and more.

Is Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks considered fast food?

Yes, Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks is known for its quick service and delicious fast food options inspired by Taiwanese cuisine.

What should I try at Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks?

Some popular dishes to try at Shihlin include their XXL Crispy Chicken, Sweet Plum Potato Fries, and Oyster Mee Sua. Don’t forget to pair them with their signature sauces!

Does Shihlin have any implementation policy regarding halal certification?

Shihlin ensures that all their ingredients and products meet the standards set by JAKIM for halal certification, providing peace of mind to many Muslim customers.