As a muslim consumer who values transparency and wants to make informed choices, I was curious to delve into the halal status of Dim Sum. In this article, I will uncover the truth behind Dim Sum’s halal certification, providing you with the knowledge you need to confidently enjoy these delectable treats.

Steamed, Fried, Delicious

Dim sum, meaning “touch the heart” in Cantonese, refers to the delicious bite-sized plates that are usually served in steamer baskets or small plates. Originating in Cantonese teahouses, dim sum has become popular around the world for its delicious flavors and communal dining style.

Some key things to know about dim sum:

  • Small plates and portions for sharing
  • Steamed, fried, and baked savory and sweet foods
  • Common ingredients like shrimp, pork, vegetables, rice noodles
  • Served traditionally for breakfast and lunch

Popular dim sum dishes include:

  • Dumplings – filled with meat, seafood like shrimp, vegetables, or combinations. Examples are shumai, har gow, siu mai.
  • Bao – steamed buns filled with barbecue pork, vegetables etc.
  • Rice rolls  cheung fun rice sheets wrapped around fillings
  • Bites  phoenix claws, spinach dumplings, sticky rice in lotus leaf

“Dim sum restaurants have trolleys filled with bamboo steamers containing different kinds of dumplings, buns, and plates. Servers navigate around the restaurant with the trolleys and diners can pick and choose what they like.”

Dim sum is a beloved part of Chinese cuisine and dining culture. The challenge is finding halal dim sum options to allow Muslim communities to also enjoy this food tradition.

Halal Dietary Restrictions

Halal dietary restrictions in Islam have implications for dim sum ingredients and preparation:

  • Pork and pork products like pork buns are avoided
  • Alcohol is prohibited
  • Meat must come from animals slaughtered according to Islamic law
  • Cross-contamination from non-halal foods must be avoided

Some accommodations made by halal dim sum establishments include:

  • Using turkey, chicken, or vegetable fillings instead of pork
  • cooking dishes separately from non-halal items
  • ensuring food preparation follows Islamic guidelines

“Halal dim sum restaurants take care to avoid ingredients like pork and alcohol, while making sure dishes are cooked properly according to halal standards. The result is Chinese food classics adapted creatively for Muslim diners.”

The Muslim community is an important consumer market for halal foods. In London, around 12% of residents identify as Muslim, so there is significant demand for halal dim sum options.

Type of Meat Permitted in Halal Diet
Chicken Yes
Pork No
Beef Yes, must be slaughtered in specific method
Turkey Yes

Delicious and authentic dim sum flavors can be preserved with thoughtful halal adaptations. This allows more people to enjoy this dining tradition.

Top Spots for Halal Dim Sum in London

London has some excellent options for satisfying halal dim sum cravings:

Bonda Kitchen

This casual eatery in Shoreditch is a favorite for halal dim sum:

  • Specializes in Chinese and Malaysian cuisine
  • Offers delivery and takeaway in addition to dine-in
  • Menu features dim sum classics like har gow, siu mai, buns
  • Uses chicken, turkey, or vegetable fillings instead of pork

“The ‘BBQ Pork’ Buns are made with turkey which makes them a delicious halal version of the classic.”

With friendly service and delicious food, Bonda Kitchen hits the spot for Muslim diners seeking dim sum.

Park Chinois

For upscale halal dim sum in a sleek setting, Park Chinois in Mayfair delivers:

  • Modern Chinese restaurant with elegant interior
  • Inventive menu offers unique halal dim sum options
  • Dishes made from highest quality ingredients
  • On the pricier side but excellent for special occasions

Park Chinois puts a refined twist on classic dim sum while respecting halal guidelines.

Hong Kong Restaurant

Another solid choice for halal dim sum is this Malaysian Chinese eatery:

  • Large portions at reasonable prices
  • Excellent reviews of their dim sum
  • Familiar flavors in dishes like char siu bao, ha gow
  • Also serves halal Cantonese cuisine

Hong Kong Restaurant offers time-tested dim sum dishes in a halal format.

More Halal Dim Sum Options

Beyond dedicated dim sum restaurants, there are other ways to enjoy halal versions of these bite-sized dishes in London.

Halal Girl About Town recommends a few spots for halal dim sum:

  • Mr Wings – get vegetable or chicken dim sum
  • Kenloon – order the dim sum platter
  • K10 – try the halal dim sum tea set

These restaurants may not specialize in dim sum, but they offer halal-friendly options. Checking Chinese and Malaysian restaurants for halal menus can uncover some dim sum treats.

For pre-made halal frozen dim sum shipped directly to you, The Dim Sum Place in Singapore is a good resource. Some options they offer are:

  • Halal siew mai with fish and crab meat
  • Chicken char siu bao
  • Portobello har gow

“Even if you can’t make it to London’s top halal dim sum spots, frozen dim sum delivers classics like shumai, bao, and dumplings to enjoy at home.”

With London’s diverse dining scene, exploration and research can yield even more high quality halal dim sum experiences. From quick takeaway to elevated dining, halal dim sum is accessible for Muslim communities.

Halal Dim Sum FAQ

What is Halal Dim Sum?

Halal Dim Sum refers to a type of Chinese cuisine that is prepared and cooked following Islamic dietary laws. It ensures that the food is permissible and free from any non-halal ingredients, such as pork or alcohol.

Where can I find a Halal Dim Sum restaurant?

You can find Halal Dim Sum restaurants by searching online. Use keywords like “Halal dim sum restaurant” or “Halal Chinese restaurant” to narrow down your search. Additionally, you can check out review websites and apps such as Yelp or TripAdvisor for recommendations.

What are some popular Halal Dim Sum dishes?

Some popular Halal Dim Sum dishes include steamed or fried dumplings, chicken buns, egg tarts, prawn rolls, and rice noodle rolls. These dishes offer a variety of flavors and textures that are enjoyed by many.

Are there any Halal-certified Dim Sum restaurants?

Yes, there are Halal-certified Dim Sum restaurants available. These restaurants have gone through a process of certification to ensure that all the ingredients and cooking processes adhere to halal standards.

Can I find Halal Dim Sum in specific locations?

Yes, Halal Dim Sum can be found in various locations, including countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and even certain cities in western countries. It is advisable to check online for specific restaurants or ask locals for recommendations when visiting a particular area.

What is the best way to enjoy Halal Dim Sum?

The best way to enjoy Halal Dim Sum is by visiting a Halal Dim Sum restaurant and trying a variety of dishes. Dim Sum is often served in small portions, allowing you to taste different flavors and textures. You can also enjoy it as a breakfast or brunch option with friends or family.

Can I find Halal Dim Sum recipes online?

Yes, you can find Halal Dim Sum recipes online. There are many websites and cooking channels on platforms like YouTube that offer step-by-step instructions on how to prepare Halal Dim Sum at home. You can explore these recipes and try making your own delicious dishes.

8. Are there any specific Halal Dim Sum recommendations near me?

To find specific Halal Dim Sum recommendations near you, you can search for “top 10 best Halal Chinese restaurants” or “10 best Halal Chinese restaurants near [your location]” in search engines. This will provide you with a


Dim sum is a delightful part of Chinese cuisine, from the tasty dumplings to the fun communal dining experience. With a little creativity, these iconic dishes can be prepared to meet halal dietary standards.

London excels at bringing diverse cultures together, and has several excellent halal dim sum options:

  • Bonda Kitchen for casual but delicious halal dim sum
  • Park Chinois for upscale halal dim sum in an elegant setting
  • Hong Kong Restaurant for familiar cantonese flavors

Other spots like Mr Wings, Kenloon, and K10 also offer solid choices. And services like The Dim Sum Place deliver frozen halal dim sum worldwide.

“With chicken, turkey and vegetable-based fillings instead of pork, halal dim sum provides classic flavors and experiences adapted for Muslim diners.”

The availability of halal dim sum in a multicultural city like London allows this beloved food to be appreciated by even more people. As the muslim population grows, hopefully more dim sum spots will cater to halal diners. For now, the options in London provide delicious and accessible halal dim sum.